Registers of Graduates

Scope and Content

Registers of graduates are published lists of graduates of the University over a given period of time. The registers record the type of degree, the subject, and in many cases the class of the degree. Registers include undergraduate and post graduate degrees, diplomas and (most) certificates. The Registers are probably the most accessible record for confirming whether an individual was a student of the University, although it must be remembered that not all students did graduate. Data for the registers is extracted from the official unpublished registers of graduates (also held by the University Archives).

The first published register appeared in 1908. This is different in format to the later registers as it includes information on the graduates' later careers, publications, and their current address at time of compilation. This register also includes a list of honorary graduates (these are also recorded in the later registers). The index for the register is arranged on geographical lines: English county of residence or major city, other U.K. nations and foreign countries

This was the only such publication of its kind, and lists of graduates continued to be issued in the University calendars. The last Calendar to issue a cumulative list of graduates was the 1939/40 edition; post-war calendars included annual lists of graduates until 1957/8. In 1958 a consolidated register of graduates for the period 1851-1958 was issued ; this included Owens College students who had graduated from other universities, and all Victoria University graduates (Liverpool and Leeds graduates are included for 1880-1903). The register also included honorary graduates and graduates by incorporation (usually University academics who were graduates of other universities). Published supplements were thereafter issued annually, and two further consolidated editions were issued for 1959-1968, and 1969-1977. Thereafter annual supplements continued to be issued until 1981, when the publication of the Register ceased.

The Supplementary volumes to the consolidated register contain corrections of inaccurate data, and graduates deceased since the previous edition. Deceased individuals are identified in italics or by an asterisk.

Former reference: RA/27