Performance Magazine, issue 28 February/March 1984

Scope and Content


Editorial (Ken Hollings on the Video Recording Bill) and Letters

International Contemporary Art Fair by Steve Rogers

Tina Turner by David Briers

The Second Link: Viewpoints on Video in the Eighties by Jez Welsh

Ornamental Structures: Media Arts Group by Anna Moszynska

Kincora: Violations By God's Bankers (Air Basement) by Chrissie Iles

Paupers Carnival's by David Briers

Peter Wilson: Headscapes by Robert Ayers

The Reality Game: Elements of Performance in UFO sightings by David Briers

The Assault on Enjoyment: out on the ledge with Derek Jarman by Rob La Frenais

The Dead Rose: the spirit of Anger lives on in the exoticism and gothicism of today's artists by Ken Hollings

Kill and Wake! African magic in Belsize Park by Isobel Appio

Carnival and Contradiction: are carnivals really liberating? by John A. Walker

Spaces: goes to Northern Ireland by Marguerite McLaughlin

The End of the Humans by John Stalin