Performance Magazine, issue 44/45 November/December/January/February 1987

Scope and Content



Doff This Bonnet!: Lumiere and Son reply to last issue's criticism by David Gale and Hilary Westlake

Technological Witch Doctors: Interview with Mark Pauline of Survival Research Laboratories by Rob La Frenais

The Camera Is The Only Audience by Chrissie Iles

Artists on the Front Line: Philip Wood of Hidden Grin in Nicaragua by Philip Wood

The Currency Of Art: Profile of JSG Boggs, Money Artist by Jane Jackson

Beyond the Zip-Zap: Guide to Glamorous Gimmickery in video by Nik Houghton

Perfo 4D, or The Artist is in the Bar: Rotterdam Performance Festival by Steve Rogers and Rob La Frenais

Third Generation: Women and Sculpture in Canterbury by Tara Babel

Last Sweat of Youth: David Medalla at Daylight by Anna Thew

The English Dream (Midlands Version) by Steve Rogers and Rob La Frenais

Exploitation-Performances Peter Baren: Incident by Peter Mcrae

Light Years: London Film Maker Co-op's twentieth anniversary by Nik Houghton

Women Work Out by Mina Kaylan

Richard Layzell: The Nature of Reality by Simon Herbert

Racing Start by Katy Sender

Manchester Festival by Rob La Frenais

You are only as good as your last experiment: Nikki Johnson on particle physics

Disneyotics by Caroline Grimshaw