Performance Magazine, issue 30 June/July 1984

Scope and Content


Editorial - The Empire Builders - by Steve Rogers

New York: Spring report from Manhattan by Rob Le Frenais

Black and Blue by Liz Rideal

Bow Gamelan Ensemble

Richard Layzell by Chrissie Iles

Midday Sun by Rob Le Frenais

Human Bondage and the Human Tornado: Melissa Fenley on her collaboration with Francisca Clemente by Anna Moszynska

LSD: The Wooster Group in New York gets to grips with Timothy Leary and ends up with Arthur Miller on acid by Rob Le Frenais

Images of Deviancy: Roberta Graham on Courtroom performance

Don't Miss Performance..

Mad Dog Culture: Trash glamourisation of youth culture by Ken Hollings

Boys' Names And Da Boys John Stallone on gangster etymology

Uber Marionettes: Barry Edwards on the changing face of adult puppetry

Local Heroes: Torvill and Dean return to Nottingham by David Briers

London to Paris: DDart performance