Performance Magazine, issue 36 August/September 1985

Scope and Content



Same River Twice by Sue Wolff

Inteatro Festival 85

Happenings by Rob La Frenais

Lulu Unchained by Steve Rogers

Expedition to the North Pole by Robin Morley

Princess of Cleves by Steve Rogers

Rose Garrard: Openings by Simon Herbert

Almeida Festival by Steven Montague

A Noise in Your Eye: sound sculpture at Arnolfini, Ken Gray

Aphrodite/Nivea and Love Crimes Tara Babel and Andre Stitt by Chrissie Iles

A Certain Kind of Beauty: Guy Brett at Rotterdam's Perfo 3 festival

Meeting the Doppelganger: Steve Willats talks about his work with people on the margins of society

Imposters: the art of impersonation by Maureen O'Paley

Elvis - Vengeance is Mine: His identity lives on through death by Ken Hollings

Territories 1: Beating the Bounds with Tom Phillips by Rob La Frenais

Territories 2: Superimposing the City with Krzysztof Wodiczko by Steve Rogers

Finding yourself in a photobooth: from portraiture to Photo- Me - Liz Rideal on the infinitely repeatable art of identity

Artist Profile: Guy Brett on the video and performance work of Tina Keane

Roadworks: Documentation from Brixton street performance artists