Documents relating to the sale of Moore House and Dr S J Moore Convalescent Home for Nurses

Scope and Content


  • Petition by the Trustees and Governors of Dr S J Moore Convalescent Home for Nurses to the Court of Session, Scotland, proposing sale of the heritable property of the Trust and Home, adding the proceeds to the general trust fund;
  • 2 copies of Decree by Court of Session dated 20 July 1965 consenting to the sale;
  • List of particulars of the Dr S J Moore Convalescent Home for Nurses;
  • 2 copies of letters detailing the change in corcumstances and outlining requirement of nurses to apply for payments from the Moore fund;
  • Inventory and valuation of the Moore House, Busby, dated 30 October 1956, work done by Messrs. McGrigor Donald & Co, solicitors in Glasgow;
  • Letter dated 14 November 1956 to Messrs. McGrigor Donald & Co from Sharp & Fairlie, property agents and valuators, with inventory and report on the Moore House.