Annual Report, 1912-13 (Duplicate)

Scope and Content

Includes: Political, Yuan Shih-Kai as provisional President, working of the new Constitution.* Finance, Reorganisation Loan.* Trade and Railways, Teintsin [Tianjin] to Nanking [Nanjing], Hankow [Hankou]-Szechuan, Wuchang-Canton. Opium, the Convention, Indian Opium, Review of the Opium Trade.* Whangpoo [Huangpu] Conservancy.* Shanghai Settlement Extension.* Trade Marks and Convention with Japan.* Registration of British Limited Liability Companies.* School of Chinese. Annual Dinner.* Annual Meeting.* Appendices: British Postal Affairs in China. Whangpoo [Huangpu] Conservancy. Shanghai Settlement Extension. British Limited Liability Companies, Shanghai. Subsidiary Copper Coinage, Shanghai. Trade Marks. The Command of the British Fleet in China, rank. British School at Shanghai. The Opium Question, prohibition. Memorandum by R.S. Gundry on the Opium Tarde. Annual Meeting, Whangpoo [Huangpu] Conservancy, China's pressing needs, the Financial Question. Annual Dinner, history of the past year, Whangpoo [Huangpu] Conservancy, the Loan Question, Western Unity in China. British Engineers Association, Dinner, trade with China. Opium, Agreement between the United Kingdom and China. Russo-Mongolian Agreement. Presidential Mandates: Opium Prohibition, Paper Currency, Protection of Trade, Salt Gabelle Reform, the Election of Tutuhs, the Protection of the Assemblies, Privilege and Economy, Popular Representation, Official Constitution of the Cabinet, an Appeal for Unity, Elections, Building of the Republic, Queues and the Vote, Liberty of the Five Families. Regulations of the Bank of China.

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