Unidentified Sheffield Branch Committee Meetings Minutes

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Scope and Content

This item is a volume containing both handwritten and typed pages.

The minutes are titled ‘Minutes of the Sheffield Branch Committee Meeting', as in USDAW/1/1/1, but do not match the minutes of the same dates in USDAW/1/1/1 - the meetings were held on different dates and the chairman and members names do not match. Additionally, the first minutes in the volume state that previous records of the Branch were destroyed by enemy action on December 12th/13th 1940; this cannot therefore be the same Sheffield Branch as in USDAW/1/1/1 as USDAW/1/1/1 contains a full set of records from 1916.

A possible explanation may be that these are not the minutes of a NUDAW branch meetings, but the minutes of the Sheffield Branch of the National Amalgamated Union of Shop Assistants, Warehousemen and Clerks, which did not merge with NUDAW until 1947. Although the minutes do not appear to allude specifically to the Union of Shop Assistants, Warehousemen and Clerks (they refer only to ‘the Union'), they do, in the run up to amalgamation in 1947, refer to a merger. For example, on 13th May 1946 a retiring official mentioned ‘that he has almost stayed long enough to see the amalgamation of the two Distributive Unions. Likewise, on 9th September 1946, "correspondence from Central Office re Yorkshire Divisional Council under terms of amalgamation with the NUDAW " is noted. By 1947 the Branch appears to be part of the new USDAW - on 14th April 1947 it is resolved that the appointment of a delegate to be sent to the USDAW Quarterly Conference on 18th May be decided at the next meeting.

After amalgamation the branch seemed to have continued to hold separate meetings to their NUDAW counterparts, at least until the volume ends on November 13th 1950. No evidence of proposals for the two Sheffield Branches to merge has been found in either this volume or USDAW/1/1/1/3.