Chesterfield Branch Committee Meeting Minutes

Scope and Content

This item is a set of handwritten and typed pages contained in a folder. The minutes dating between 1966 and May 1978 are bound into the folder and the minutes between June 1978 and 7th December 1979 are loosely bound with a treasury tag and inserted on top of the bound pages. There are also two loose pages of minutes, dated 11th December 1979. Many of the handwritten minutes are written on the back of typed letters addressed to the Union Official. Additionally, there are a number of loose leaflets and letters inserted in the folder regarding The National League of the Blind and Disabled appeal to the Trade Union and Co-operative movements, back pay, the names and addresses of TUC Regional Education Officers, and the agreement between the National Wages Board of the Co-operative Employers' Association and the Joint Trade Union Negotiating Committee.