Research notes, papers, charts, relating to Professor Good's work on the distribution of floral types

Scope and Content

These notes are mostly handwritten and contain several essays. There are essays entitled 'A study of the distribution of certain plant groups characteristic of arid regions and its use in determining the ages of the deserts', which includes a contents page and bibliography, 'What is the cause of floral diversity?', 'Liliiflorae: perianth form' and 'An analysis of floral form in the Liliiflorae' as well as a short essay on Liliiflorae and notes entitled 'Geographical distribution of Frankeniaceae [Bray W.L.]'. There are printed maps showing the distribution of different families of plants around the world including: Frankeniaceae, Crassulaceae, Chenopodiaceae, Amaranthaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Tamaricaceae, Cactaceae, Portulacaeae, Zygophyllaceae and Aizoaceae. There are also pencil diagrams of plants within particular families including Iridaceae and Amaryllidaceae, plant lists of different groups and some printed charts concerning different aspects of floral analysis.

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