Conybeare correspondence

Scope and Content

  • MS 1532/1/1;D Letter to his parents, 27 June 1869 [Describing events in HMS Liverpool]
  • MS 1532/1/2;D Letter to his parents, 18 July 1869 [Describing shore leave in Madeira and events in HMS Liverpool]
  • MS 1532/1/3;D Letter to his father, 19 August 1869 [Description of Rio de Janeiro]
  • MS 1532/1/4;D Letter to his parents, 7 September 1869 [Description of gale and shore trip to Montevideo]
  • MS 1532/1/5;D Letter to his parents, 26 September 1869 [Description of events in HMS Liverpool]
  • MS 1532/1/6;D Letter to his parents, 9 October 1869 [Results of his exams and shore leave in Cape Town]
  • MS 1532/1/7;D Letter to his parents, 18 October 1869 [Regarding events in HMS Liverpool] incomplete
  • MS 1532/1/8;D Letter to his parents, 12 to 24 December 1869 [Regarding events in HMS Liverpool] incomplete
  • MS 1532/1/9;D Letter to his parents, 8 to 21 January 1870 [Regarding Hobart and shore trip to Lyttleton]
  • MS 1532/1/10;D Letter to his parents, 4 to 25 March, 6 April 1870 [Describing shark catch and opium pipe]
  • MS 1532/1/11;D Letter to his parents, 15 to 17 April 1870 [Requesting uniform be sent to Valparaiso an describing events in HMS Liverpool]
  • MS 1532/1/12;D Letter to his parents, 16 to 25 May 1870 [From Vancouver Island describing man overboard incident]
  • MS 1532/1/13;D Letter to his parents, 16 June 1870 [Written from Honolulu describing events in HMS Liverpool and future itinerary]
  • MS 1532/1/14;D Letter to his parents, 2 to 16 August 1870 [Describing man overboard incident, sighting of Andes and laws in Valparaiso]
  • MS 1532/1/15;D Letter to his mother, 21 August 1870 [Describing trip ashore in Santiago]
  • MS 1532/1/16;D Letter to his father, 15 November 1870 [Written in HMS Liverpool]
  • MS 1532/1/17;D Letter to his father, 25 November 1870 to 6 February 1871 [Describing trip ashore to Lyttleton, and regatta]
  • MS 1532/1/18;D Letter to his father, 6 January 1872 [Describes Temple of Diana in Athens and operation to bring stones from the temple to the ship]
  • MS 1532/1/19;D Letter to his father, 17 and 18 July 1873 [Describes fishing trip and coronation of King and Queen of Norway, written from HMS Hercules] 2 leaves
  • MS 1532/1/20;D Letter to his father, 30 July 1873 [Description of state ball attended by king and Queen of Norway]
  • MS 1532/1/21;D Telegram to his father, 25 January 1875 [News that appointment to HMS Research cancelled and going to Arctic instead]
  • MS 1532/1/22;D Letter to his mother, 1 June 1875 [Describing conditions in HMS Discovery]
  • MS 1532/1/23;D Letter to his parents, 22 June 1875 [400 miles from Cape Farewell describing weather conditions, first sighting of ice]
  • MS 1532/1/24;D Letter [to his parents], [Second half of a letter describing change of plan]
  • MS 1532/1/25;D Letter to his parents, 22 July 1875 [Describing glaciers from HMS Alert]

Administrative / Biographical History

The correspondence is to Conybeare's parents, much of it relates to his time in Liverpool the flag ship of Admiral Hornby. Later letters relate to the British Arctic Expedition, 1875-1876 (leader George Strong Nares)


The correspondence is arranged chronologically