Sir Grahame Clark: Archaeological Papers

Scope and Content

Research files, mostly notes, with occasional correspondence.

[1] Artic Art

[2] Maglemose, with letters from Ulrik M248, University Zoological Museum, Copenhagen (1971) Carl J. Becker, Acta Archaeologica, Copenhagen, 1952 and Poul Kjaeligrum, Forhistorisk Museum, Moesgard, Denmark, (1971).

[3] Late Glacial, with letters from Derek Sturdy (1971) and Magnus Degerbol, University Zoological Museum, Copenhagen (1971).

[4] Scandinavia, with letters from Erik Fromm, Sveriges Geologista Undersouml;kning (1972), and Arne Skølsvold, Oslo University Museum of National Antiquities (1984).

[5] Scandinavian Stone Age, with a letter from ____ Nordmann (1948).

[6] Finland, with letters from Carl F. Meinander, Archaeological Institute, Helsingfors University (1973), and C[yril?] Berg, Ullvi, Leksand (1972).

[7] Older Stone Age Denmark, with a letter from Wilfred Shawcross, Dept. of Prehistory, Australian National University, Canberra (1973).

[8] Denmark Neo

[9] Norway, with letters from Haakon Olsen, Zoology Museum, Bergen University (1971), and Sigmund Alsaker and Asle Bruen Olsen, Bergen University (1979).

[10] Not named - Scandinavian archaeology, with letters from Lili Haelas, Gouml;teborgs Arkeologiska Museum (3, 1972-74); Christopher F. Hawkes (1980); Mauml;rta Strouml;mberg, Lund University Historical Museum (1973); and Anna Britta Nilsson, Örnskouml;ldsviks Kommun Biblioteket (1974).

[11] Swedish Pit Ware

[12] Not named - mostly Scandinavian, with a letter from Anna Britta Nilsson, Falbygdens Museum, Falkouml;ping (1973).

[13] Alvastra, Sweden - notebook.

[14] USSR

[15] Swedish Magl, with letters from Peter Salway, All Souls, Oxford (1968), and Tage Nilsson, Lund University, Sweden (1972).

[16] North Sweden

[17] German and E. Maglemose: drawing of late palaeolithic harpoons; photographs of antlers from Satrup; stritgraphy, fauna and artifacts from Hohen Viecheln; and Duvensee and Polish Maglemosian.

[18] North-west Russia and Baltic States, with letters from Ilze Lowe, Inst. Hist. Mat. Culture, Riga (2, 1970-71), and R.M. Muchaev, Archaeological Institute, Moscow (1973).

[19] Netherlands

[20] North German/Polish/Dutch Neolithic

[21] Symbols of Excellence - Notes for book; letters from Gareth V. Bennett, New College, Oxford, to Peter Richards, Archaeological Editor, Cambridge University Press (1984), about 'Founder's Jewel'; Robert W. Skelton, Indian Dept., Victoria and Albert Museum (1982); Malcolm MacLeod, Museum of Mankind (1983); Caroline M. Murray, Cambridge University Press, sub-editor (1984); and John Houghton, Sussex Archaeological Society (1984).

[22] Nea Nikomedia: original figures.

[23] Illustrations, some from Prehistoric Europe: the economic basis and The earlier Stone Age settlement of Scandinavia, with a letter from Ian W.A. Miller (1988).

[24] Illustrations, some from World prehistory, Prehistory at Cambridge and beyond, and The earlier Stone Age settlement of Scandinavia.

[25] Reviews of The earlier Stone Age settlement of Scandinavia.

[26] Chapter 1, apparently of The later Stone Age settlement of Scandinavia.

[27] Illustrations, etc.: Nordiska Museum, Stockholm etc.; photographs of Swiss lake dwelling artifacts; photographs of Bushmen; newscuttings; photographs of Grahame and Mollie Clark in India; and a letter from Birgit Rausing, Lund (1967).

[28] The Identity of Man: illustrations.

[29] The Identity of Man: illustrations, and letters on publishing, from Eildon E.S. Edwards (3, 1981); Anna Fedden, Methuen&Co. (1981); Malcolm D. McLeod, Museum of Mankind (1981); E. Soubey, British Museum, Dept. of West Asian Antiquities (1981); John An____, Victoria&Albert Museum (1981); Clifford C. Lamberg-Karlovsky, Peabody Museum, Harvard (1981); Sir John Gray, Oriental Ceramic Society (1981); Poul Mørk, National Museum of Denmark (1981); Pierre de Menasce (1981); Nicholas Postgate, Oriental Studies Faculty (1982); and Robert Edwards, International Cultural Corporation of Australia Ltd. (1982).

[30] Notes on the Archaeology and Anthropology at Cambridge investigation into the provision for archaeology in UK Universities, with letters from Leslie Alcock, Glasgow (1985); Martin Harrison, Oxford (1985); and Robert W. Chapman, Reading (1985).

[31] Prehistorians, with letters from Isabel Macbride, Dept. of Prehistory and Anthropology, Australian National University, Canberra (1986), and T.A. Murray, School of Archaeology, La Trobe University, Australia (1992?).

[32] History of Archaeology at other British universities, with letters from Reg Inskeep, Donald Baden-Powell Quaternary Research Centre (undated); Kenneth St. Joseph, Selwyn College (1982); and Peter Warren, Bristol (1985).

[33] Cambridge Project for Research into the Early History of Agriculture, with letters to and from Sir Mortimer Wheeler ('Rik') (9, 1965-67); from Sir Max Allowan (2, 1966); G.B. Hutchinson, School of Agriculture, Cambridge (2, 1966); Richard F. Holmes, General Board (1966); Joan [Evans], British School of Archaeology in Iraq (1966); and Eric S. Higgs, Project director (1970).

[34] Notes and materials for a history of archaeology and archaeologists.

[35] Vere Gordon Childe: letters from Childe (3, 1946-57).

[36] Berkeley, Africanists

[37] The Identity of Man, 1983: original typescript, etc.

[38] Illustrations for Space Time and Man; design for the British Academy Medal.

[39] Science Ideology

[40] Art - Warfare Stability and Change, with a letter from Douglas Morgan, King's (1983).

[41] Smithsonian 1978 Symposium, etc., with a letter from Wilton S. Dillon, Smithsonian Institution (1978).

[42] Royal Society of Canada Symposium, 1976, with letters from A. Douglas Tushingham, Royal Ontario Museum (2, 1976).

[43] Arts

[44] Jade

[45] Man and Animal Distinctions

[46] Seasonality Conference, 1971, with letters from Cynthia Irwin-Williams (3, 1967-71) and Douglas W. Scwartz, School of American Research (1971).

[47] Behaviour, mostly primate.

[48] Baghdad Museum

[49] Communication

[50] Communication

[51] Society

[52] Radiocarbon

[53] Various: notebook with names, sites and drawings of tools (probably a visit to Czechoslovakia); notes on a 1973 lecture to the Cambridge Field Club; Micklemoor flints; pencil sketch of 'Rhodes'; Clark's resignation as Vice-President of the World Archaeological Congress, 1985; revised draft of Clark's talk on the Cambridge Antiquarian Society, 'The Society and the genesis of archaeology as an academic subject in the University'; notes on natural selection, from various books; and letters from Robert Foley, Peterhouse (1973); Hazel Martingell (1986); David Harris, Prehistoric Society (2, 1993-94); Ian C. Glover, World Archaeological Congress (1985); Michael W. Thompson (1988); and a draft letter to Flannery (undated).

[54] British Institute for South East Asian Studies, with letters from Derek F. Allen, Secretary, British Academy (1970-73); Neville Williams, Secretary, British Academy (1973-74); John P. Carswell, Secretary, British Academy (1980); Peter W. Gathercole, University Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology (1971); Basil Gray to Derek F. Allen (1972); Raymond Firth, Australian National University (1972); M. Leifer, Association of SE Asian Studies, UK (1972); Sir Denys Page, Master of Jesus (1972); Basil Gray (1973) (2); Mervyn A. Jaspan, Professor of South East Asian Sociology, Hull University (1973) to Derek F. Allen (1970) and Clark (1973); and Ian C. Glover, London University, Institute of Archaeology (1973).

[55] Man the Spiritual Primate, 1995, unpublished: letters to and from Jessica Kuper, Cambridge University Press (1995).

[56] Brain, Mind and Language

[57] Cambridge Archaeological Journal, with a letter from Robert Frey (1993).

[58] Human

[59] Ideas

[60] A Path to Prehistory

[61] The Anthropology of Time and Space, with letters from David L. Clarke, Peterhouse (1968), and _____, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard (1968).

[62] Time and Space Book: chapter notes and MSS, with a letter from Jessica Kuper, Cambridge University Press (1990).

[63] World Prehistory; Space and Time: numerous illustrations.

[64] Lower/Middle Palaelithic

[65] Lower Palaeolithic: spiral grey notebook.

[66] Hominid Evolution: spiral grey notebook.

[67] Fossil Men

[68] Palaeolithic

[69] Palaeolithic Russia: spiral notebook, notes and illustrations.

[70] Advanced Palaeolithic (Europe): spiral notebook, mostly European but some Middle East and Mousterian.

[71] 'Meso - general'

[72] 'Sauveterrian/Tardenoisian'

[73] 'Iberian (Microlithic)', with letters from Michael W. Thompson (2, 1955).

[74] 'Azilian'

[75] Star Carr, with letters from Sir Harry Godwin, Professor of Botany (1964); John Bartlett, Director, Hull Museums (1964); and Edward Wright (1964).

[76] Antler Masks, with a letter from William Watson, Professor, SOAS (1969).

[77] British Beaver Incisor Tools, with letters from Gillian Varndell, Dept. of Prehistoric and Romano-British Antiquities, British Museum (1989), and Roger D. Penhallurick, Royal Institution of Cornwall, Truro (1978).

[78] Australia, with a letter from Derek J. Mulvaney, University of Melbourne (1958).

[79] Australian Aborigines: notes.

[80] Australia and New Zealand, with letters from Andrew K. Becker, Roonka Society (2, 1984-5).

[81] Oceania, with a letter from Wilfred Shawcross (1968).

[82] South-East Asia, with letters from Charles F.W. Higham, Anthropology Dept., University of Otago (1986); Bernard K. Maloney, Palaeontology Centre, Queen's University of Belfast (1987); and Wilfred Shawcross, Anthropology Dept., University of Auckland (1969).

[83] India, with letters from Hasmukhlal D. Sankalia, Deccan Collage, Poona (1973); to Bryan Swingler, British High Commission, New Delhi (1978-79); and Bal Krishen Thapar, Archaeological Survey of India (1979).

[84] China, with part of a letter from J. Desmond Clark (undated).

[85] Chinese Notes

[86] Japan and Taiwan

[87] Japan, with letters from Yoshiro Kondo; Glyn Daniel (1983); and Kenji Hattori, Professor, Japan (5, 1993-94).

[88] Japan

[89] Chinese Pottery: notebook.

[90] New World, with a letter from Thomas D. Stewart, Dept. of Anthropology, Smithsonian Museum, Washington (1976).

[91] Palaeoindian & Alaska/Eskimo

[92] Alaska - Palaeoeskimo, with a letter from William Goetzman, T.W. Timreck Productions, New York (1983).

[93] South-West Asia

[94] Mesopotamia: notebook marked 'Book IV'.

[95] Jordan/Israel; Europe Neolithic

[96] Africa

[97] Fishing and Coastal Settlement, with letters from Brian W. Jones and Frederick Robert Harden Jones, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Fisheries Laboratory, Lowestoft (1974).

[98] Fishing, with letters from Courtenay S. Ralegh Radford (1946); Peter Shimmie[?], Ashmolean Museum, Department of Antiquities (1946); Roger M. Jacob, Dept. of Classics and Archaeology, University of Lancaster (1987); and Peter H. Greenwood, Dept. of Zoology, Natural History Museum (3, 1976-77).

[99] Fishing and Coastal Settlement

[100] Fowling

[101] Sledges/Skis, with letters from Fouml;reningen Fouml;r Skidlouml;pningens Frauml;mjande I Sverige, Stockholm (1939); Peter L.K. Wait, Methuenamp;Co Ltd. (1949); and Gouml;sta Berg, Nordiska Museet, Stockholm (2, 1948).

[102] Hunting, letters from Gouml;sta Berg (2, 1954), and G. Frank Mitchell, Trinity College Dublin (undated).

[103] Houses, Brochs

[104] Seal Hunting, with letters from Stuart ____, Edinburgh (1947), and David E. Sargeant (1981).

[105] Axe Trade

[106] North Sweden

[107] Fishing and Coastal Settlement, with letters from Svend Nielsen, Vanløse, Denmark (2, 1976).

[108] Hunter-Farmer continuity notes

[109] World Prehistory, with letters from Maria Claridge, Gozo, Malta (1978); Gouml;sta Berg (undated); Priscilla Oakeshott, George Morgan and Pauline ____, Cambridge University Press (1977); and Tamar Noy, Israel Museum, Jerusalem (2, 1979).

[110] Europe, with letters from Nicholas J. Shackleton, Sub-Department of Quaternary Research (1970); Augustus Sordinas (1966); and Peter Bogucki, Princeton University (1984).

[111] World Prehistory: revised chapters; notes on dating.

[112] World Prehistory: illustrations, photographs and original drawings of artefacts.

[113] Illustrations

[114] - [116] not found.

[114] Scandanavia: card index of Scandinavian references.

[115] Earlier Stone Age Settle Scand: figures - illustrations for The earlier Stone Age settlement of Scandinavia.

[116] Later Stone Age North Europe

[117] Archery: offprints, drawings, photographs, and letters from H. Schwabedissen, Cologne University (1962); Michael L. Ryder, Animal Breeding Research Organisation, Roslin (2, 1962-3); Dennis Britton, Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford University (1963); H. Muuml;hler-Beck, Berne History Museum (1963); Glyn Daniels (1963); Sir Evelyn B. Howell (1963); Paul Ashbee (1963); Joe _____, National Museum of Ireland (1963); J.D. Van der Waals, Groningen University (2, 1962-3); Carl Johan Becker, Acta Archaeologica, Copenhagen (1962); R.S. Newell, Salisbury (1962); T.M.W. Alexander, Eclipse Peat Co. Ltd., Bridgewater (1961); William E. Tucker, Society of Archer-Antiquaries (1962); Ernest G. Heath, Society of Archer-Antiquaries (1962); Hisashi Suzuki, Dept. of Archaeology, Tokyo University (1962); Michael Thompson, Stone age paintings from Castelln, London, St. George's Gallery Prints (undated); W. Glasbergen, Amsterdam University (1961); Gad Rausing, Lund, Sweden (1967); Roy Switsur, Sub-Department of Quaternary Research (1967); J.C. Vogel, Groningen University (1963); and E.H. Willis, Botany School (1962).

[118] Archery: offprints; notes; letter to Margaret [Clark?] from her father (1964); and a letter from tienne Rynne, National Museum of Ireland (1963).

[119] Fishing: mostly offprints, some illustrations and notes.

[120] Physical Anthropology: offprints and notes.

[121] Trade: flint mines; offprints; illustrations; notes; and letters from W.E.P. Young, Avebury Museum (1949); Sir John F.S. Stone, Winterbourne Gunner, Salisbury (1949); and Martin Jops[?], Department of Archaeology, Queen's University, Belfast (undated).

[122] Scandinavian Mesolithic, with letters from W.P.T. Burchell (2, 1956-7) and Sigren H. Andersen (1973).

[123] Australian Aborigines

[124] Agriculture Lectures, 1970, with a letter from Sir Harry Godwin, Botany School (1958).

[125] Mesolithic Europe, with letters from Roger M. Jacobi, Jesus College (1976); Anthony Sutcliffe, Natural History Museum (1971); C. Daryll Forde, University College, Aberystwyth (1931); and T. Douglas Price, Wisconsin University (1982).

[126] Star Carr, with letters from J.B. Fay, Director, Mortimer Museum, Hull (1953); J.A. Stocks (1953); Jacques A.E. Nenquin, Ghent (1956); Mary Chitty (1953); and Paul H. Moisin, Muse archologique, Mons (1953).

[127] Travel: page proofs, Prehistoric Europe. The economic basis (1951), annotated; page proofs, Prehistoric England (London, 1940), annotated; and Clark, 'Domestication and social evolution', from Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, 1976.

Administrative / Biographical History

Sir John Grahame Douglas Clark (1907-95), archaeologist, was a Cambridge University Lecturer, 1935-52, Disney Professor of Archaeology, Cambridge, 1952-74, Fellow of Peterhouse from 1950, and Master, 1973-80. His publications include Mesolithic prelude: the Palaeolithic-Neolithic transition in old world prehistory (Edinburgh, 1980); The identity of man: as seen by an archaeologist (London, 1983); Symbols of excellence: precious materials as expressions of status (Cambridge, 1986); Economic prehistory: papers on archaeology (Cambridge, 1989); Prehistory at Cambridge and beyond (Cambridge, 1989); and Space, time and man: a prehistorian's view (Cambridge, 1992); for many of which there are papers in this collection.

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