Periodicals: Other Organisations

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Series of print publications by other organisations collected by Women's Revolutions Per Minute (WRPM). Includes: newsletters, magazines, and bulletins issued women's music organisations and all-women record labels; women's music journals; as well as general feminist journals and music magazines containing articles or special issues relating to Women's Music / Women and Music.

Holdings: 'Chard Festival News' 1998-1999 (4 issues); 'cling/Klong: Musikszene Frau/Musiciennes en Vedette' August 1994-1997 (5 issues); Hot Wire: The Journal of Women's Music and Culture' November 1985-May 1994 (11 issues); 'Just Women' Magazine 1990-1996 (2 issues); 'Music and Women' Magazine February 1978-December 1978 (5 issues); 'Music, Gender and Education Newsletter' 1994-1999 (13 issues); 'New Music News' Magazine February 1995-May 1995 (14 issues); 'Olivia Records Distributors' Newsletter' May 1977-May 1979 (19 issues); 'Paid my Dues: A Quarterly Journal of Women and Music' 1974-1979 (8 issues); 'Political Song News' Newsletter 1987-c 1991 (9 issues); 'Swing 51' Magazine 1987-[1988] (2 issues); 'Woman Sound' Magazine June 1984-May 1984 (2 issues); 'Women in in Music Newsletter' April 1988-September 1993 (19 issues); 'Women In Music Bulletin' January 1994-March 1997 (18 issues); 'Women In Music Now' Magazine August 1997-2003 (33 issues); the 'Women's Jazz Archive Newsletter' 1995-1996 (3 issues); Single Issues of Various Feminist and Music Print Publications 1977-1996 (15 issues).


Sub-series are arranged chronologically by publication title. The exception is the final sub-series 'Single Issues of Various Feminist and Music Print Publications' [WRPM/15/17] which comprises 15 issues of various publications where only a single issue is present in the archive.

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