Scope and Content

File containing correspondence and contact address relating to potential contacts for Women's Revolutions Per Minute. The file includes: a photocopy of the 'W.R.P.M. (Music) Contacts, Festival 77, artist, etc. Outlets' address book (sheets A, B, K, J, M, O, R, S, T, UV, W, Z) and various handwritten notes listing contact names and addresses of artists, activists, journalists, and customers (14 sheets); and typed contact list, 'Wimmin at the Music Newsletter Meeting on Saturday' [1978] with attached statement on aims of the newsletter (2 sheets).

The file also includes correspondence and other records received by Nicole Freni and Tierl Thompson (founders of WRPM) which appear to have been filed as contacts, including: an introductory letter from Chris Poole at Danish women's music distributor Face the Music, asking for any Swedish customers to be passed onto Face the Music (19 June 1978) (1 sheet); a note on a phone call from Anne Karpf (free-lance writer working for 'The Guardian') (10 July 1978) (1 sheet); a photocopied list of women's centres from 'Women Undercurrents' (1 sheet); a letter from ? Liz Upchurch about Radio Caroline and mail order companies (11th October 1978) (3 sheets); a letter from Catherine and Yolande (Glasgow) to Thompson commenting on Women's Theatre Group and ordering copies of 'The Changer And The Changed' (album) by Cris Williamson and 'The Ways a Women Can Be' by Teresa Trull' (album) (6 March 1979); a letter from Freni to Rosie [? Fischer] at the Women's Liberation Newsletter about a concert by UK women's music band Ova , asking for contacts for WRPM, and promising the newsletter an article on the fear of the co-option of US women's music record label Olivia Records (9 March 1979) (1 sheet).

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