Correspondence File: 'Redwood Records' (I)

Scope and Content

File containing correspondence between Tierl Thompson and Nicole Freni, co-founders of Women's Revolutions Per Minute (WRPM) and staff at Redwood Records (California, USA) relating to procurement of recordings from Redwood Records for sale by WRPM; along with related administrative business records.

Includes: a letter (copy) from Thompson and Freni to US singer-songwriter Holly [Near] at Redwood providing background to WRPM, placing an order for 100 copies of an unnamed album, and making suggestions on shipping and customs (21 May 1978) (2 sheets); a letter from Trudy Fulton at Redwood confirming order and proposing shipping/custom arrangements (1 June 1978) (1 sheet); a letter (copy) from Thompson and Freni to Fulton regarding prices for imported records (2 July 1978) (1 sheet); a circular letter from Fulton to distributors regarding phasing out of all-men distributors and proposal for distributors to split shipping costs (8 July 1978); a letter from [?] to Thompson enclosing mailing list names [not on file] and asking for WRPM to distribute Redwood flyers (11 July 1978); a letter (copy) from Freni and Thompson to Fulton enclosing international money order, reporting on customs payments, placing a second order for 'Hang in There', 'Holly Live' and songbooks [on reverse side of circular letter from Thompson about 'The Women's Theatre Group'] (29 October 1978) (2 copies); a circular letter from Redwood to distributors providing new San Franscio address, ownership of Redwood, updates on sales (23 December 1978) (2 sheets); a postcard from Fulton to Thompson and Freni giving views that there will be little possibility of standardising US record label prices (11 July 1978); a letter from Thompson enclosing international money order for invoice and placing order for records by Sweet Honey in the Rock and Holly Near & Jeff Langley (17 January 1979) (1 sheet); a note by Fulton to Thompson/Freni confirming order (undated) (1 sheet); a letter from Ann [?] to Freni informing WRPM that Holly Near will not be touring UK (19 April 1979) ( 1 sheet); a letter from Fulton to Freni and Thompson reporting her departure from Redwood (20 April 1979); (1 copy); letter from Torie Osborn (Redwood Distribution) to Thompson requesting payment for $1222.49 monies owed , with annotations on payment (pre 9 June 1979) (1 sheet); a letter from Osborn to Thompson again requesting payment for $1222.49 monies owed (17 July 1979 (1 sheet); a letter from Osborn apologising for the tone of previous correspondence and reporting that she met new owner of WRPM [Caroline Hutton] at Michigan Womyn's Music Festival, and reporting that distribution will move to Los Angeles (10 October 1979) (1 sheet).

The file also includes: Redwood 'Distributor Newsletter' (27 February 1979) (3 sheets); handwritten notes concerning working outs over order pricing and customs calculations (5 items); statements of WRPM account from Redwood (4 items); copies of invoices/packing slips for orders from Redwood (6 items); copies of an International Money Order to Redwood for $560.00 (8 July 1979) and $656.00 (14 August 1979)

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