Letter to Sir John from John Hampden

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Parliamentary business. Sir John's letter has been read and committees chosen. Mentions Sir Harry Vane and Sir William Strickland. The captains have suspended their obedience to the Houses - 'it did something amuse us' but their letter to the Lord Admiral gave good satisfaction. Hopes things are not as bad as Sir John fears, but a wise man will be prepared. Wishes Sir John's letter had been more plain in two particulars- 'What that good means is to prevent the fire by' and 'What is that right way that is now gone and never was before'. Sir John being nearer the scene of business is better placed to judge how things should be done and his judgement 'would have been a great lighte to mee'. Much occupied with new occasions or messages from York. Lords & Commons go on unanimously. The 'countries hereabouts' will likely give a cheerful obedience to the Militia OrdInances. The recent approach to Hull to adjourn 'the Terme' to York has given little satisfaction in the South. Service to Sir John's son & Mr. Pelham. 'Wee suspect opening of letters'. Not signed.

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