Letter from Adam Boyd, Millburn to W. Mackenzie, Physician's Clerk, Royal Infirmary

Scope and Content

Declares himself to be “at all times both the busiest & the idlest the most useful & the most unprofitable of all the numerable fraternity of country tutors.” Has read Mackenzie’s “Carmen Medicum Inaugurale” and thinks it entitles Mackenzie “to a degree much better than many laboured collections of bad latin.” Has given Swan a copy. Has seen very little of the doctor of late “he was in close attendance for some weeks on the Duchess of Montrose.” Swan came to take his leave of George whom he seems “to think of …as his own son.”

Wishes that Mackenzie or Armour would call at the lodgings of Lockhart who has a relation with him with a sore leg. Requests news of Rainy and college life