Letter from Adam Boyd, Oxford to W. Mackenzie, London

Scope and Content

Dr Kidd has praised a copy of Mackenzie’s Lectures “very warmly.” Kidd managed to procure a “subject” from London and all his former pupils were invited to attend the dissections “One thing at least I learnt - that nothing but long continued & minute dissection will ever make a man a good Surgeon.” Boyd is happy to hear of Mackenzie’s increase in pupils and hopes to read Mackenzie’s Essay soon. With the end of term approaching, they will be leaving Oxford, meeting up with a nephew of Mr Gray’s in London and travelling home. Could Boyd stay with Mackenzie for a day or two? Gray may go abroad next and might want Boyd to accompany him. Boyd’s father would not be happy with this and Boyd himself “could not urge it unless a good Annuity for life were to be my reward.” Has been to the Assizes “in 2 days Garrow ordered 20 to be hanged - about as many as will be sentenced in all Scotland I suppose, at next circuit. They will all be reprieved of course but one or two.” Dr Anderson of Glasgow died “he was raving mad & in that state attended a lady in labour who died in his hands.”