Letter from John Shaw to W. Mackenzie, Lecturer on Anatomy

Scope and Content

Shaw was sorry to hear of Mackenzie’s “mishap.” Shaw’s brother-in-law G.J. Bell “applied to the Lord Advocate who told him he had given over the case to his depute but from the representation he made that he would desire the Depute to put off the trial and move it into Edinr. The advocate was then to put it off from time to time and at last forget it.”

The London classes are “all very full. I shall recommend all men going now to Scotland to go to Glasgow for I am sure they will be better off there than in Edinr. since somebody has settled there. I think notwithstanding the great influx of Anatomical Teachers in Edinr that there was still room for you for from what I hear they must be all d- bad. ”Shaw will have a little brother at Glasgow College this year and asks if Mackenzie can send him a thigh bone or similar to draw. Adams pretended that he had not known that Mackenzie had gone to Glasgow.