Letter from James A. Gordon to W. Mackenzie, Glasgow

Scope and Content

Gordon saw a several of Mackenzie’s friends recently including Boyd. The Journal has received a favourable reception.. Requests two articles from Mackenzie for the next issue. Has recently seen Stevenson operate on a daughter of Sir A. Corbett “he did not know I was a medical man & I was excessively amused at the nonsense he talked.” Gordon’s lectures have begun and he has 16 pupils. Thanks Mackenzie for calling to his attention “Mrs Manets admirable little work on Chemistry. I generally use her words in explaining experiments.” Dr Hamilton is quite well . Walker disappeared so suddenly that Gordon was unable to make the enquiries Mackenzie had wished. Is glad to hear from Boyd that Mackenzie goes to church regularly. Has been making enquiries regarding Mackenzie’s last letter but can give little hope of success “The No of young men in our profession destitute of employment is beyond all calculation.”