Letter from Harry Rainy, Glasgow to W. Mackenzie, London

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Letter to Mackenzie, c/o J.M. Arnott, 38 Golden Square, London.

Is vexed at the loss of Mackenzie’s luggage. Wishes to know Mackenzie’s plans “I should decidedly disapprove of your deferring commencing practice any longer.” Thinks Mackenzie should “come down here and see how matters stand…….Besides at all events you could arrange everything regarding your property more advantageously by being on the spot.” Armour is of the same opinion. Dr Lockhart will pay the balance due Mackenzie when required. Has not been able to learn anything definite regarding the £75 from Mrs Deacon. Mackenzie is to thank Arnott for the Lacroix and the cataract knife. Rainy will be happy to give Mackenzie an introduction to Sir W. Adams.