Letter from George Oswald Sym, London to W. Mackenzie, Paris

Scope and Content

Requests details as to how Mackenzie wishes to receive money. Introduces Mr Buchanan Younger of Drumpellier “a good-natured, good for-nothing sort of a fellow” whom he hopes Mackenzie will be able to give advice about continental residence and travelling. James writes giving Glasgow news. Glasgow has become “immensely literary.” There have been “no fewer than three periodical publications within the last six months, and little Peter Buchanan (brother of Robert Buchanan, Minister of Peebles) has published a small volume of poems entitled Mountain Tales.” Joseph Stewart, son of the Minister of Luss, is editing a volume of poems by a Luss farmer “some of whose performances you may have seen at Luss Manse. The wafer stories said to be by Shortridge are by far the best of the periodical works…Brown, one of our medical students wrote the best article, entitled On going to Salt water Quarters. Crawford writ a Scotch poem in imitation of Horace. It is too deep Scotch- but very well done…Willy Couper begins his lectures on Mineralogy on the 7th of May in Millar’s Charity School: and James Rennie, the prize-man, has advertised a summer course of lectures on English Composition. Under the patronage of the Professors, and in a room in the College….There is a grand botanical garden about to be formed....Dr Brown, Grahame, and William Cummin, along with Hopkirk, Austin the gardener, and some other botanists are taking the lead in it.”Sym will probably be in Paris with his pupils about the middle of August.