Letter from W. Wallace, New York to W. Mackenzie

Scope and Content

Letter to W. Mackenzie, Surgeon to the Glasgow Eye Infirmary.

Encloses a copy of a paper published in Silliman’s Journal. Defends his statement that “part of the ciliary body of the eye of the sheep is muscular.” Wallace has got a use for the " foramen centrale. Many of the fibres of the retina converge at this point so that it is completely surrounded by their extremities. As the sensation of touch is now acute at the termination of the nervous fibres at the points of the fingers and of task at their termination at the papillae of the tongue, the sense of sight is also more acute at their termination at the central foramen. These remarks on the retina will soon be published.”

Wallace thanks Mackenzie for the publication of his communication to Mackenzie in the Medical Gazette.