Letter from James Armour, Glasgow to W. Mackenzie, London

Scope and Content

Armour finds he has been mistaken in respect to Sir W. Adams but is pleased he decided to stay in Glasgow.

Gives news of the medical school. Armour does not know if Pattison will return next winter “I do not think Pattison will ever succeed as a Surgeon in Glasgow after what has happened.” Rainy does not think Monteith likely to lecture as it would “be very injurious & inconvenient with regard to his practice. Indeed it seems pretty well ascertained that lecturing in Glasgow does not forward a mans practice whatever it may in London.” If Dr Monteith were to lecture he would be a “most formidable opponent.” It has been hinted that Dr Young has thought of lecturing. “I do not see any necessity for a man, who is a member of the London College of Surgeons…paying 150£ before lecturing in Glasgow - nor does Rainy - it would indeed be necessary to pay £20 to become a licentiate…..Allan Burns was a member of the College of London Surgeons, you know, and not even a licentiate - as matters now.”

Pattison had between 80 and 84 students last winter who paid £3.3s each. About 200 attended Dr Jeffray’s class last winter.

Armour hopes Mackenzie means to practice as lecturing in the eye and writing for journals is not likely to bring in much money.