Letter from Harry Rainy, Glasgow to W. Mackenzie, London

Scope and Content

Rainy feels that Mackenzie is misinformed in some respects regarding the Andersonian University. As there is only one lecture room with adjoining library and apparatus room in the building it would be impossible to carry out dissections in the institution at present as the lecture room is used for Dr Ure’s courses during part of the day. There is a plan for new buildings to be built but Rainy thinks that the prospect is unlikely and he for one would oppose it until the funds are such that the institution can afford it. “Pattison wished in the mean time to be appointed Professor of Anatomy & Surgery, & his plan was to give a course of Popular Anatomy & Physiology in the Institution; & to carry on at the same time his scientific course & his dissections in his own Lecture room. He illustrated his popular course by dissections prepared in his own rooms & carried for exhibition to the Institution. - Pattison had I believe near 200 at his popular course at £1.1. - but this was merely owing to the novelty of the thing & to the patronage of his friends.” Mackenzie would need to take a lecture and dissecting room at his own expense if he came to Glasgow and he would have to consider “whether the present vacancy in the situation of private anatomical lecturer here, together wt the Lectureship in the Institution, & the probability of getting rooms in the Institution ultimately for your scientific class & dissections, - whether this holds out to you sufficient inducements to relinquish your present prospects.” Mackenzie is to let Rainy know his decision and if he does apply to enclose a letter to John Geddes. Perry, Mr Lure from Kilpatrick and a John Aitken have applied.