Letter from J. Armour, Glasgow Infirmary to W. Mackenzie

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Letter to Mackenzie, at Mr Burton's, 9 West Smithfield London.

Mackenzie has to pay £105 to become a member of the Faculty. Armour will have to borrow money to pay for his own Faculty membership. He does not know whether he will leave the Infirmary at the end of the summer or wait until next May. Needs a full year to study to prepare himself for practice. Asks if Mackenzie and he are to be connected in their practice or lecturing or both.Armour has passed the examination; he has made up his medicines and is to write on the Foetal Circulation. “On the 1st Monday of May, upon paying the Money, I suppose I shall be admitted.” A few days ago Burns discovered that Adam Boyd “had strictures in the urethra - Caustic has been repeatedly applied.”