The desk diaries from 1950-1957 give an insight into Peter Streuli's day to day working and private life and cover his period with the Old Vic Theatre School (1950-1952) and his tenure at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre (1953-1957). "Noises Off-Stage" Streuli describes as "a personal diary of a member of the English Arts Theatre touring Europe in 1946 and 1947. The plays presented were Hamlet, Othello, Bernard Shaw's Candida and Don Quan in Hell. The Company left England on September 27th 1946. The first performance was given in Prague on October 5th and the last in Zurich on February 16th 1947" The diary contains chapters on Austria, Belgium, Holland, France, Italy and Switzerland and offers, amongst other things, Streuli's impressions of theatre and cinema in each location at that time.