Records of Edinburgh University Women's Club (Edinburgh University Tea Club)

Scope and Content

  • Executive Committee minutes (4 volumes, 1 packet), 1920-1992 (Box EUA-A-49, EUA-A-57)
  • Teenage Dance Committee minutes (1 volume), 1970-1980 (Box EUA-A-49)
  • Executive Committee agenda & minutes (2 files), 1972-1994 (Box EUA-A-50)
  • Annual General Meeting minutes (2 volume), 1950-1995 (Box EUA-A-49, EUA-A-56)
  • Annual General Meeting agendas & Secretaries' reports (1 file), 1955-1995 (Box EUA-A-50)
  • Selected General Correspondence (1 file), 1948-1992 (Box EUA-A-53)
  • Secretary's Notebooks (1 packet) (Box EUA-A-55)
  • Secretary's Correspondence (1 packet), 1990-1998 (Box EUA-A-57)
  • Membership correspondence (1 file) Meetings Attendance (1 file) (Box EUA-A-53)
  • Membership lists & indexes (Box EUA-A-51, EUA-A-52)
  • Program Correspondence Notices of Meetings & blank Membership Cards, 1923-1927 (Box EUA-A-57)
  • Sub-Groups (1 box) (Box EUA-A-54)
  • Catering Officer's Reports (1 volume), 1967-1993 (Box EUA-A-56)
  • Constitution (2 files), 1971, 1983 & 1992 (Box EUA-A-50)
  • Club histories: Edinburgh University Tea Club (multiple copies, 1966, Edinburgh University Tea Club 1920-1945 (multiple copies) and Edinburgh University Tea Club 1945-1973 (Box EUA-A-55)
  • Edinburgh University Women's Union: Coming of Age celebrations & Appeal, 1926-1927(Box EUA-A-57)
  • Quartercentenary Celebrations (1 file), 1983 (Box EUA-A-55)
  • Notices for Bulletin, Staff Club & Address List Appendix (1 file) (Box EUA-A-55)
  • Faculty Representatives (1 file) (Box EUA-A-55
  • Club Flat & Equipment (Box EUA-A-55)
  • Valuation Insurance on Trophies & Badges (Box EUA-A-55)
  • Hostesses at Meetings (1 file), 1947-1956 (Box EUA-A-55)
  • Visitors' Book, 1923-1959 (Box EUA-A-49)

Administrative / Biographical History

Edinburgh University Tea Club first met in the Upper Library Hall, Old College, Edinburgh University on 5 November 1920. It emerged at a time when the University was gradually opening itself up to female students. Although a Women's Union had been formed on similar lines to the student Union already existing for men, it was felt that women who were associated with the teaching staff of the University, either directly or through their husbands, would enjoy having a similar opportunity to meet socially. By 1945, the Club had flourishing tennis and badminton sections, an annual golf outing and a club for folk-dancing. There were also children's Christmas parties. In 1966, a flat within Edinburgh University property at Buccleuch Place was made available to the Club where newcomers could become introduced to members and which could act as a focal point for the Club.

Access Information

Secretary's Correspondence, 1990-1998 and Membership lists and files are restricted under the Data Protection Act (1998).

Acquisition Information

Material acquired November 1997, Accession no. Acc.98/013, and September 1999 and June 2000, Accession no. Acc.99/041


The administrative/biographical history was compiled using the following material:
(1) Ashworth, Clara, Edinburgh University Tea Club 1920-1945, Edinburgh and London: Oliver and Boyd, 1946
; (2) Semeonoff, Catherine, Edinburgh University Tea Club 1945-1973, Edinburgh: University Press, 1974.

Compiled by Graeme D Eddie & Grant Buttars, Edinburgh University Library, Special Collections