An address to the King from the Savoy Conference

Scope and Content

'The first Address and Proposals of the Ministers’, (so headed the Rel. ii. 232-236) in the Savoy Conference, addressed to King; and ‘An abstract of the proposals more fully presented to your Matie in the larger paper'. Copies by an unknown hand. Noted by Baxter at the end as printed in the Savoy Conference. But the latter part of this article does not appear in Baxter’s small quarto tracts, nor in the Rel. Includes: ‘Wee your Majesties most Loyall Subjects cannot but acknowledge it as a very great mercy of god, that Imediately after your soe wonderfull and peaceable Restauration unto your throne and government’ f 6v: ‘Printed in the Savoy Conference.’


A copy of item 62 (8). It includes also the abstract which is item 62 (9).

Other Finding Aids

Argent / Black vi.191 (also listed a vi.2); Thomas p.7