Baxter’s answer to the call for a Senate

Scope and Content

Baxter's answers to four questions concerning politics prefixed by another hand; the document is dated by Baxter 'Novemb. 30. 1659'. In the conclusion Baxter refers to his Holy Commonwealth (1659) published earlier that year.

Other Finding Aids

Argent / Black v.203 (also listed as v.9); Thomas p.10


  • Included in Richard Schlatter’s Richard Baxter and Puritan Politics(1957) pp. 125ff.
  • For James Harrington (1611-77), the author of The Commonwealth of Oceana (1656), see Rel. i, 118, Corr 605, and ODNB.
  • For A Holy Commonwealth, or Political aphorisms, opening the true principles of government: for the healing of the mistakes, and resolving the doubts, that most endanger and trouble England at this time: (if yet there may be hope.)… Written by Richard Baxter at the invitation of James Harrington Esquire (1659), Baxter’s response to Harrington’s Oceana, see also Corr 575 and 605.