Baxter’s account of his ailments

Scope and Content

Baxter’s statement of his own peculiar ailments, from his 18th year. Compare this account written (in 1684) with what he had written in or about 1673 in Rel. iii. 173-174. ‘At 18 yeares of age with unreasonable eating of raw apples & cold things, & he fell into a cough for a yeare, which eating garlike abated, & taking much flos sulphuris cured; his stomacke ever after remaining extreame flatulent, & (after the sulphur for many yeares apt to bleed at the right nostrill) Physicians medicined him as Scorbuticall, which by acrimonious medicines increased his bleeding: till once he bled 120’

Other Finding Aids

Argent / Baxter iv.109; Thomas p 22