Defects and disorders of the Liturgy

Scope and Content

Paper detailing the defects of The Book of Common Prayer. Published in the Rel. under the title of ‘The Exceptions against the Common Prayer, which I offered the Brethren when they were drawing up theirs’. (Rel. ii. 308-316) But this copy, written by the same hand as art. 2 [= Treatises vi, 191], and art. 7 (in vol. 1) ends with the words: ‘the formes wch we offer:’ at p. 313 of the printed copy: the next following portion is art. 140, in vol. 5. All are corrected by Baxter, and this is endorsed by him. ‘1˚ order requireth that wee begin with Reverent prayer unto god for his assistance and acceptance which is not done.’ f 51v: ‘defects & disorders of the liturgy’

Other Finding Aids

Argent / Black vi.196 (also listed as vi.6); Thomas p.10


Rel. ii. 308-315.