Baxter’s animadversions on John Corbet’s enquiry into the Oxford Oath

Scope and Content

Baxter's statement on the occasion of the publication of Mr John Corbet’s posthumous piece on the Oxford Oath with animadversions thereon. Corbet’s piece entitled ‘9. An Enquiry into the Oath required of Nonconformists, by an Act made at Oxford, wherein the true meaning of it, and the warrantableness of taking it, is considered’, among the ‘contents’ of Corbet’s Remains, published from his own MSS. (London, 1684, quarto) in DWL. But the piece is not contained in the copy of that work in DWL and perhaps was suppressed, for the reasons alleged in this article.


  • See also DWL/RB/1/174; 176; 178; 216; 226.
  • Argent notes: Baxter preached at Corbet’s funeral and published his sermon, A Sermon preached at the funeral of … Mr John Corbet (1681).

Other Finding Aids

Argent / Black vii.227 (also listed as vii.33); Thomas p.18

Related Material

Cf MS Letter in Bodleian Library, noted in CR.


  • See also Rel iii, 189.
  • 'The remains of the reverend and learned Mr John Corbet, late of Chichester. Printed from his own manuscripts (1684) includes reissues of Corbet’s "An account given of the principles & practices of several nonconformists" (Wing C6251), "The nonconformist’s plea for lay-communion with the Church of England" (Wing C6259), and "A humble endeavour of some plain and brief explication of the decrees and operations of God" (Wing C6253).