Baxter’s request for the King’s licence for preaching

Scope and Content

Baxter’s letter to a person at court, requesting the King’s licence for preaching, without any sectarian denominations; together with ‘My Case’; both subscribed by him, in quarto. Includes: '‘Sir My want of acquaintance at the court, occasioneth me to use this boldnes, in desireing your help in the busynes here expressed; unles it be any inconvenience to you: which if it be, I desire it not.’

Signed: ‘Your Servant RI: Baxter. Oct. 25. 1672’


  • Listed as Corr 899 where it is clear that Baxter was issued a licence on 27 October 1672 to teach ‘as a Nonconforming Minister .. in any licensed or allowed Place’.

Other Finding Aids

Argent / Black vii.268 (also listed as vii.71); Thomas p.15


See Rel iii, 102-3. Printed in Frederick J. Powicke, The Reverend Richard Baxter under the Cross (1662-1691), 1927, pp 71-72.