Scope and Content

3 manuscript articles based loosely on JEA's letters to ANM while he was based in Yorkshire. Extra material has been added and the letters have been adapted for publication, each being given a title. Identities and places have been disguised: the letters are marked as being sent from "somewhere in Yorkshire" and addressed to "dear M"; they are not dated. They were stored in an envelope marked [presumably in ANM's handwriting]: "these 3 are the essence of all articles so far that have not been printed in the M[anchester] G[uardian]" and dated 17 Feb 1916. The articles are as follows:

  • /1 `Subalterns'
  • /2 `Simpson'
  • /3 `Leave'

The manuscripts are not in the hand of JEA; they were possibly written by the "servant" mentioned in ANM/1/1/29.

Includes envelope.