Scope and Content


1. a) John Coleman the Younger of Oxford, Currier

b) David Morgan of Oxford, Baker

2. a) Rev. Richard St.John Tyrwhitt, Clerk, Vicar of St. Mary Magdalen, Oxford

b) John Henwood Best, College Servant [College not given]

c) William Brunner, Gent.

d) Edward George Bruton, Architect

e) John Caldecott Cavell, Draper

f) Thomas George Cousins, Chemist

g) Richard Cox, Coal Merchant

h) John Marriott Davenport, Gent.

i) Francis Hewitt, Grocer

j) Moses Holliday, Gent.

k) Frederick Joseph Morrell, Gent.

l) Richard Nevas, Gent.

m) Thomas Fane the Elder. College Servant

n) Thomas Fane the Younger, Organist

o) Henry Ward, Coal Merchant (all are of Oxford St. Mary Magdalen)

PROPERTY: As in (a)-(c) and (e) in 1D/5-6 above

COMMENTS: 1 appoint 2 as new feoffees of the above parish properties