Scope and Content

The following papers were deposited in 1992 as accession 3302 and in 1994 as accession 3763. The records deposited in each accession are listed in Apppendix 1 to this catalogue.

The collection falls into seven distinct parts:

1. The working papers for Christine Kelly's book, "Blessed Thomas Belson, his life and times, 1563-1589", a copy of this book, donated by the depositor, has been placed in the Davenport Library.

2. Original family papers relating to various members of the Belson family.

3. A small group of papers connected with the proof of Dorrien Belson's descent from the Belsons of Kingston Blount and Aston Rowant.

4. Xerox copies of archive material deposited with the County Record Office in Berkshire, and also with the Georgetown University, Minnesota. Anyone wishing to consult the originals of these is referred to the Barrett Estate papers in the Berkshire Record Office, (D/EBt), and the Milton House Archives in the Special Collections Division of the Georgetown University Library. A xerox copy of the catalogue for the latter is also available in the Davenport Library. The xeroxes are catalogued as F1/4/MS and F1/4/C; the dates given are those of the original document, and so are in square brackets. A conspectus of the Berkshire catalogue marks and those allocated to the copies is given as Appendix 2 in this catalogue.

5. Papers relating to research on the Belson family, particularly those members of the family who served in the armed forces, by P.C.E. Belson and Dorrien Belson.

6. Papers relating to Sir Charles Euan-Smith, the father-in-law of Frederick Charles Belson (1874-1952). The papers include material relating to his career in India, Zanzibar and Morocco. For more information, see the introduction to section F1/6.

7. Papers relating to Lady Edith Euan-Smith, the wife of Sir Charles Euan-Smith.

Catalogued by Eleanor Roberts, August 1992, with additions by Elizabeth Finn, September 1997.

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