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Letter from Lady Frances Harpur to Mary Hamilton, relating to the King's health and to the prospect of a regency. Harpur writes that the news papers give a good account of the King's health but that 'private information, [is] not so favourable'. Time may nevertheless be beneficial to his recovery. She notes that Dr Willis [Francis Willis, Physician (1718-1807)] has been sent for by the Duke of Gloucester.

Dated at Putney Park. It is unclear what is to be 'settled, as to an administration' and Harpur wishes that the Prince [George] would act towards his parents with more respect and affection and 'not change the ministry' if a Regency is voted for. She doubts that this will be the case and expects that he will be 'entirely Rules, by a turbulent faction'. Harpur is full of anxiety and fear. If the King is to recover and finds that the Ministry has changed then 'surely the shock would be fatal to him'. She does not hold a good opinion of the Prince and believes that he is too 'Riveted to his Party'.

Dated at Putney Park.