Manuscript Volumes

Scope and Content

The six manuscript volumes comprise two anthologies of letters, poetry, sermons and other prose works written out by Hamilton and others; copies of letters; a catalogue of 'curiosities' at Bulstrode; notes on portraits at Woburn; and an anthology of French verse copied by Princess Charlotte.

HAM/3/1-2 are anthologies of poetry, prose, letters and miscellaneous pieces written in Hamilton's hand and in two different hands. There are copies of writings by several of Hamilton's friends and associates including Mary Delany, Charlotte Gunning, Elizabeth Montagu, Elizabeth Vesey, William Beckford and Horace Walpole. HAM/3/3 contains copies by Hamilton of letters written by Mary Delany to her sister Ann Granville Dewes. HAM/3/4 is a 'Catalogue of Curiosities at Bulstrode', in which Hamilton attempts to describe some of the items collected by the Dowager Duchess of Portland. HAM/3/5 is a volume of 'Notes to the Portraits in Woburn Abbey by Horace Walpole', in an unidentified hand. HAM/3/6 is an anthology of French verse copied out by Charlotte, Princess Royal, and given to Hamilton as a gift.