Lyons Electronic Office (LEO) Archive

Scope and Content

The LEO Archive comprises material collected by various significant figures from the history of the Lyons Electronic Office, or 'LEO', computer, either in the course of their work for Lyons or gathered later for research. The archive is now on loan from the LEO Computers Society to the Centre for Computing History as part of the National Lottery Heritage Funded-project ' Swiss Rolls, Tea and the Electronic Office '. We have also included in the listings any LEO-related objects from the museum's permanent collection.

The Archive catalogue is currently in progress - it has been organised into sections by principal collector of the material:

  • CMLEO/DC - David Caminer
  • CMLEO/PB - Peter Bird

Further sections will be added as more material is catalogued.

You can also browse this material through the LEOPEDIA pages on the Centre for Computing History website.

Access Information

The archive material is available for consultation by appointment, but please note any material which may breach rights of third parties may remain closed at the discretion of the Centre for Computing History and/or the LEO Computers Society.

Corporate Names