Bundle of Notes

Scope and Content

Large Bundle- Assorted topics [Part 3]

  • a. Christian answer to communism
  • b. Contact
  • c. Temptation
  • d. Peace
  • e. Loose notes- most typed, 'Questions for workshop' discussing various topics. Others handwritten notes for talk
  • f. Old and young
  • g. 'Y.P.'- The God of Growth
  • h. Friday
  • i. Loose notes- handwritten- 'Experiences', 'Examinations' etc and a pamphlet (printed) titled 'A question of intent' dated Dec 19th, 1982.
  • j. Glasgow Chinese Christian Fellowship- includes a Christmas card, a timetable, a newsletter and a calendar (1987)
  • k. Leaf
  • l. Small notes- 'meditation'. 'Extra notes on guidance', 'Camp introduction'
  • m. Ex 5 and 6.
  • n. Small notes- psalm 126, The impossibility of agnosticism, worship etc.
  • o. Condition of revival