Bundle of Notes

Scope and Content

Assorted Topics

  • a. Rough notes John 10
  • b. Savour- contains letter, possibly correspondence from China
  • c. Treasure- other notes and thoughts for Hamilton
  • d. Spilled or powered out
  • e. Discipleship
  • f. 'Be ye followers of me as I also can of Christ'
  • g. Acts 20
  • h. My Father's home
  • i. The breaking of the bread
  • j. Headship/ lordship of Christ
  • k. Born/ taught/ loved of God
  • l. Open the window
  • m. I have, I must- clipping from 'open doors with brother Andrew', June 1982
  • n. Jesus the Lord
  • o. Seals
  • p. Fulfilment in eternity