Correspondence and papers of Roy Lancaster: folder labelled 'Expeditions, Tours, Treks. Lists & Field Notes, 1977 onwards'

Scope and Content

Correspondence with botanists relating to plant collecting expeditions led by Roy Lancaster and others, seeds sent and identification of plants. Includes correspondence with Brian Halliwell at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, 1981, Stephen Anderton, deputy head gardener, Cadogan Estates, 1981, Oleg Polunin, 1980, and Susan Sutton and Roy Vickery at the British Museum (Natural History), 1980


Printed paper entitled 'Raoul Moxley Travel - Botanical Tour to China, Oct 1980, accompanied by Roy Lancaster Esq, FLS, VMM. A list of plants seen on the tour', with two detailed typescript versions, one annotated

'Wild plants seen in the vicinity of Montreal, Quebec [Canada], 17th-22nd July 1980' by Roy Lancaster, and 'Material introduced from Quebec, July 1980' (2 copies)

'Plants, Birds and Beasts seen on American Tour – 13th-27th April 1980'. Author unidentified [?Roy Lancaster]

'Georgia and the Caucasus: Interesting plants seen on a tour organised by Cox & Kings, Leader - Roy Lancaster, 21st July-4th August, 1979', annotated by Roy Lancaster. 2 copies

'Cuttings, plants and seed collected by C.R. Lancaster in Georgia July 22-Aug 1, 1979', annotated

'China plants 1979, collected by Roy Lancaster', annotated

'Kashmir [India] Plants 1978' and paper entitled 'Birds and Mammals seen on Kashmir tour' 25 Jun-12 Jul. Author unidentified [?Roy Lancaster], annotated

List of plants found in Ontario, Canada, and New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, United States of America, by H.J. van de Laar of Boskoop, Netherlands, Dec 1978

Newsletter of the Alpine Garden Society, Central Sussex Group, Nov 1978, with article about the plants of the Caucasus Mountains

'Flowers seen in Transcaucasia, May-June 1978, Russell Coates and Martyn Rix'. 2 copies

'Caucasian plant list, June 1979' and attached slip annotated by Jean Whyte, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Aug 1979

List of seeds collected by P.A. Cox and P.C. Hutchinson on behalf of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, in Washington State, Oregon and California, United States of America, Sep-Oct 1978

'Seeds collected in Nepal between 18th October and 4th November 1978' by J.B.H. Jackson, with photocopy of manuscript list describing plants, their location, date of seed collection and comments

'Southampton University Ladakh [India] Expedition 1980', by C.A. Chadwell, Jan 1982, comprising list of vascular plants collected, notes and bibliography

List of determinations for seed distribution from University of California at Berkley's Sino-American Botanical expedition to Hubei Province, China, 1980, author unidentified

List of plants collected on Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, expedition to Nepal, led by D.L. Binns, Sep-Oct 1978

List of seeds collected by Olen Polunin in Western Sikkim, India, annotated by Roy Lancaster with seed distribution to individuals, Oct 1979

'Plants and seeds collected in United States of America and Canada in March 1980 by Brian Halliwell'

'Plant material collected by Brian Halliwell in July, August and September 1978 in North America'

List of plants collected by Atushi Kuyama and Brian Halliwell in Japan, Sep-Oct 1979

Paper entitled 'List of plants collected in Korea and Taiwan, Fall 1979' produced by the Morris Arboretum of the University of Pennsylvania, United States of America, annotated by Roy Lancaster with seed distribution to individuals

List of plants observed by Denis Woodland of Hillier Nurseries, Winchester, on a trek to Kashmir, India, organised by Fairways and Swinford Travel, Jul-Aug 1980

List of plants collected by A.D Schilling on an expedition to Nepal, Oct-Nov 1979, on behalf of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (Wakehurst Place)

List of seeds collected by A.D Schilling on a visit to the United States, Sep 1979

List of seeds and plants collected by A.D Schilling on an expedition to Nepal, Oct-Nov 1980

List of seeds and plants collected by A.D Schilling on an expedition to the Mount Everest region, Nepal, Oct-Nov 1978

Lists of seed collections in Japan and Korea, annotated in Roy Lancaster's hand 'Steve Spongburg [Spongberg] 1977'

These papers were originally housed in a single lever arch file, discarded, which was repackaged into two folders; a photocopy of the label is with the papers

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