Correspondence and papers of Roy Lancaster: folder labelled 'Expeditions and Tours 3'

Scope and Content

Correspondence with travel companies, tour participants, plant enthusiasts and botanists relating to plant collecting expeditions led by Roy Lancaster and others, seeds sent and the identification of plants. Includes correspondence with Ian Hedge, curator of the herbarium, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 1976-1982, Sue Sutton, Department of Botany, British Museum (Natural History), 1977-1982, Bertil Hylmo of Sweden, 1982, Basil Fox, Department of Botany, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, 1982, Dr A.J. Richards, Department of Plant Biology, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, 1977-1981, Andrew Lauener, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 1980, Arthur Chater and Caroline Whiteman of the Botany Department, British Museum (Natural History), 1978, Peter Whiteman, United Nations Development Programme, Nepal, 1978, Oleg Polunin, 1978, Anthony Huxley, 1977, Peter Cox of Glendoick Gardens, Perth, 1977, Dr Jean Byatt, Westfield College, University of London, 1977, Norman Robson and John Lewis of the Botany Department, British Museum (Natural History), 1977, Harry Grant of Fairways and Swinford Travel Agents and of Dulwich Travel, London, 1976-1977, and Dr S.M. Walters, University of Cambridge Botanic Garden, 1977

Papers include:

List of plants seen during a tour of Eastern China, including Hong Kong and the New Territories, May-Jun 1979

'Checklist of plants seen during the Raoul Moxley Botanical Tour to the Changbai Shan Jilin province of N.E. China, June/July 1984'

'Roy Lancaster Seed Collection - New Zealand, 11th-30th January 1985'

'Plant species encountered in the Elburz Mountains and Caspian forests of N. Persia – 17th-18th Dec 1972'. Annotated

Plant list headed 'Peking Botanic Garden' annotated in Roy Lancaster's hand 'Andrew Lauener's China list, 1980'

Plant list from the Raoul Moxley Botanical Tour of Crete, Greece, annotated by Roy Lancaster, Apr 1982

'Peregrine Holidays (Town and Gown Travel, Oxford): Birds and Flowers study tour, April 2nd to 16th, 1974. Plants seen in Crete [Greece] by Ken Burras'

Typescript copy of article by Brian Halliwell entitled 'A Japanese Forest Floor', from an internal staff newsletter, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Feb 1981

'Roy Lancaster - Chinese collection', Oct 1980

Prospectus for a University of Southampton botanical and ornithological expedition to Ladakh, India, proposed for Jun-Dec 1980

'Rhododendron Soil - Nepal' annotated by Roy Lancaster collected by Doug Harris, Langtang Himal, Nepal, 1979

List entitled 'Himalayan Ferns collected L. Beer, Nepal, 1971'

'Wild plants seen during winter visit to Massachusetts [United States of America], Roy Lancaster – January 1976'

List entitled 'Beer & B.L.M. numbers, East Nepal 1971' annotated by Roy Lancaster

Copy of an official licence for the importation of plants and plant material for the expedition to Kashmir, India, Feb 1978

Outline of proposed tour to Kashmir, sent to Harry Grant, tour manager of Dulwich Travel, Dec 1977

Details of entry regulations for plant material imported to the United States of America, and list of prohibited items, published by the United States Department of Agriculture, Jul 1976

'Birds, mammals, reptiles, insects etc seen and identified during Turkey tour', undated

Photocopied article by Roy Lancaster entitled 'North Turkey Flower Trek' for 'The Gardeners' Chronicle & Horticultural Trade Journal', Jul 1977

Draft paper entitled 'A selected list of plants found during a tour of Northern Turkey, May 24th-June 6th 1977 by Roy Lancaster', annotated

'Istanbul to Trabzon' by Roy Lancaster [?for a lecture]. Undated [?1977; may relate to a tour to Turkey of that date]. 2 copies, one a draft

Fairways and Swinford Travel Agents' itinerary for proposed botanical tour of Central Turkey, led by Roy Lancaster, May-Jun 1977

Copy of official licence for the importation of plants and plant material for the expedition to Turkey, Apr 1977

Prospectus sent to Roy Lancaster for 'Caravan 77' a proposed caravan crossing by camel of the Western Sahara in Oct 1977, to mark the 150th anniversary of the discovery of Timbuctoo [Timbuktu] by the French explorer Rene Gaillard, and his subsequent crossing of the Sahara by camel

Paper entitled 'Hillier Plant Collecting Trek - Membership List', with list of names divided into 'Nepal '73' and 'Greece '74', 1973-1974

Offprint of a paper given on Turkish flora by P.H. Davis of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, at a conference on Mediterranean flora, organised by the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), Montpellier, France, Jun 1974

Manuscript lists of plants by Roy Lancaster, undated

These papers were originally housed in a single lever arch file, discarded, which was repackaged into three folders; a photocopy of the label is with the papers

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