Correspondence and papers of Roy Lancaster: folder labelled 'Field notes and lists No 2, from 1981'

Scope and Content

Correspondence with botanists relating to plant collecting expeditions led by Roy Lancaster and others, seeds sent and identification of plants. Includes correspondence with Paul Meyer of the Morris Arboretum, University of Pennsylvania, United States of America, 1985, Peter Wharton, curator, Asian Garden, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, 1982, Peter Bristol of the Holden Arboretum, Mentor, Ohio, United States of America, 1982, A.D. Schilling of Wakehurst Place, West Sussex, and Ivor Barton of the Alpine Garden Society, 1981

Papers include:

Preliminary list by Roy Lancaster of plants from a botanical tour to Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, China, Sep 1986, arranged by Raoul Moxley Travel, and list of plants from the same tour, specifically relating to Sichuan, annotated by Roy Lancaster

Plant and seed list entitled 'Keith Rushforth Collections from Bhutan, October 1985' [Keith Rushforth, independent arboricultural consultant, former curator of the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens and Arboretum]

Plant list from a Raoul Moxley botanical tour of Crete, Greece, led by Roy Lancaster, Apr 1982

Plant list from a Raoul Moxley botanical tour of Western Sichuan, China, led by Roy Lancaster, Sep 1981

Plant list from a Raoul Moxley botanical tour to China, led by Roy Lancaster, Oct 1980

Seed list from plants collected in Nepal offered by E.F. Needham, Truro, Cornwall, 1984

List of plant material collected in New Zealand and Tasmania, by Brian Halliwell, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, Oct-Nov 1984

'Seeds and plants collected by Roy Lancaster in N and NE China, Jun-Jul 1984'

Plant list and associated seed list from an expedition to Yunnan province, China, organised by the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 1981

Seed list from a Swedish botanical expedition to Pakistan, organised by the Botanical Garden, Goteborg [Gothenborg], Sweden, 1983

Paper detailing a plant collecting trip to Mexico by J.P.C. Russell, Oct 1983

Lists of seeds received, including from Shanghai Botanic Garden, China, Oct 1983, from University of British Columbia, Canada, Dec 1981, from Anthony Huxley's tour to China, Oct 1981, and from the South China Institute, Guangzhou, c.1980s

'Plant material collected by Brian Halliwell in South Africa and Lesotho in March and April 1983'

List of plants and seeds collected in Kashmir, India, [?by Brian Halliwell], Jun-Jul 1978. Annotated by Roy Lancaster

'Plants and seeds collected in United States and Canada, June and July 1983, by Brian Halliwell'

List of Chinese plant material annotated by Roy Lancaster 'X Peter Bristol' on front page, Oct 1982

Paper entitled 'SBEC Living Collections, 1 Plants', 1981. [Sino-British Expedition to the Cangshan, Western Yunnan province, China, 1981, organised by the University of St Andrews Botanic Gardens]

'Korean collections', annotated by Roy Lancaster on front page 'Paul Meyer, September-October 1981'

Annotated photocopied field notes in Roy Lancaster's hand of the 1981 Sino-British Expedition to Cangshen, China, with plant list and separate seed list

These papers were originally housed in a single lever arch file, discarded, which was repackaged into two folders; a photocopy of the label is with the papers

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