Correspondence and papers of Roy Lancaster: folder labelled 'Plant hunting lists, field notes 1'

Scope and Content

Correspondence with botanists relating to plant collecting expeditions led by Roy Lancaster and others, seeds sent and the identification of plants including list of expeditions and main areas visited with dates 1962-1975. Includes correspondence with Ian Hedge, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, 1978, Sue Sutton of the Department of Botany, British Museum (Natural History), 1978, D.C. Harris, Exbury Gardens, Southampton, 1977, and Basil Fox, Department of Botany, University College of Wales, Aberystwyth, 1970


Preliminary expedition report entitled 'University College Bangor Nepal Expedition 1975', by Leonard Beer, Jul-Oct 1975

'Plant species encountered in the Elburz Mountains and Caspian forests of N. Persia – 17th -18th Dec 1972'. Author unidentified. Annotated by Roy Lancaster and others

'Plants and seed collected in Western Australia and Tasmania in September and October 1977 by Brian Halliwell'

List of plant material collected by Fleigner and Simmons in Elburz and Zagros ranges, Iran, and in Troodos range, Cyprus, Oct 1977. Annotated

List of plants seen by Mary Briggs and Oleg Polunin on a trek in Kashmir, India, organised by Fairways and Swinford Travel, Jul-Aug [?1980]. 2 copies

'Everest Trek 1977 - A.D. Schilling Collections', listing seeds and plants collected by A.D Schilling on an expedition to Nepal, Oct-Nov 1977

List of plants noted and photographed by Dennis Woodland of Hillier Nurseries on a trek to the Himalayas, Apr 1977

'A selected list of plants found during a tour of Northern Turkey, May 24th – June 6th 1977 by Roy Lancaster'. Annotated

List of plants found in Austria by H.J. van de Laar of Boskoop, Netherlands, Jun-Jul 1977

'Everest Trek 1976 – A.D. Schilling', listing seeds and plants collected by A.D. Schilling on an expedition to Nepal, Oct-Nov 1976

'Plants seen en route to the Schachengarten in the Bavarian Alps south of Munich [Germany] – 4th August 1976'. Author unidentified

'Wild plants seen during winter visit to Massachusetts [United States of America], Roy Lancaster – January 1976'. 2 copies

List of seeds collected on an expedition to Nepal, 1975

'School of Plant Biology, University College of North Wales, Seed list 1975'. Last page includes name of Mr L. Beer for seed requests

'Southern France: Wild plants found on a visit to the Riviera region of France and adjacent Italy, September 15th -24th 1975', by Roy Lancaster

Detailed field notes of the University College Bangor Nepal Expedition in 1975, May 1976

'Everest Base Camp Trek [Nepal], Oct-Nov 1975' comprising field notes of plants seen and collected by A.D. Schilling

List of seeds relating to the Everest Base Camp Trek [Nepal], Oct-Nov 1975

'Fairways and Swinford Dolomites tour [Italy], June 26th-July 9th 1975', by Dennis Woodland, listing plants noted and identified

List of plant material collected by Brian Halliwell on Madeira, Sep-Oct 1974

'Plants found on the Constance Spry Flower Trek to Northern Greece, 8th-22nd June 1974', annotated by Roy Lancaster

List of wild plants collected by Dennis Woodland from the Greek Islands and south and west Turkey, Apr-May 1974

Offprint of article by Roy Lancaster entitled 'Paradise Found: an account of two days plant collecting in the Elburz Mountains and Caspian Forest of Northern Iran', undated

Paper entitled 'Beckett, Cheese & Watson Seed Collections, 1971/72, from Chile, Bolivia, Peru and New Zealand' comprising seed lists, field notes and cultivation advice. Compiled by J.M.W. [?J.M Watson]

'Fifth Circular: University College Bangor Nepal Expedition 1971' comprising details of agricultural and horticultural projects, a list of participants (including Leonard Beer and Roy Lancaster), exploration areas and administrative arrangements, details of plant material gathered with location and altitude, Jun-Dec 1971, and list of seed collected on the expedition

Photocopy (poor quality) of 'Introduction to Field Notes, Synge-Threlay expedition to Central Nepal, May-June 1971'. Expedition led by Sir Colville Threlay and Patrick Synge

Description of a three-week plant and seed collecting trek in Nepal, Oct 1970, with detailed plant list. Annotated 'Brian Halliwell'

'Plants seen in the Pyrenees and N Spain 1970'. 3 copies

List of plant material brought from Switzerland to England by Roy Lancaster under licence, Oct 1967

Report entitled 'Assam Botanical expedition [India], 1965' by Peter and Patricia Cox

'Seed available from the collection made by Lord Talbot de Malahide and D.L. Clarke in Mexico, end October-early November 1965'

'Outline Field Notes, Furse expedition, Iran and Afghanistan, 1966'

'Furse expedition to Iran and Afghanistan, 1966. Third consignment (Kabul August 1966)'

'Furse expedition to Iran and Afghanistan, 1966. 4th and final consignment (Afghanistan)'

These papers were originally housed in a single lever arch file, discarded, which was repackaged into two folders; a photocopy of the label is with the papers

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