Notebook of Roy Lancaster with notes principally of research visits to nurseries

Scope and Content

Notes relate to visits to the following nurseries:

Unidentified nursery [?Long Acre], Wiltshire, 4 Oct, no year

Catforth Gardens, Preston, Lancashire, 16 Sep 1998

Aberconwy Nurseries, 17 Sep 1998

Newchurch Nerines, Isle of Wight, 14 Oct 1998

Brize Norton, undated

Architectural Plants, Horsham, West Sussex, undated

Hythe Alpines, Norfolk, 25 Mar 2002

Longstock Water Garden, Hampshire, 9 May 2002

Hill View Plants, Shropshire, 27 May 2002

Binny Plants, Ecclesmachan, West Lothian, Scotland, 25 Jul 2002

Trevena Cross, Cornwall, undated