Minute Book of the Humber Amalgamated Steam Trawlers', Engineers' and Firemen's Union

Scope and Content

Manuscript signed committee minutes recording meetings (special, general and ordinary) of committee members of the Union. Minutes record election of officers and new members as well as Union business. Note that members are referred to as 'Bro.' rather than 'Mr'. Chairs of meetings include Mr F. Ward, Mr Hawksworth, Mr J.R. Rapson, J.W. Rodgers, A. Ingram, H. Gatman, C. Beverley, H. Gaunt, H. Moorhouse, R. Lamb, J. Kirby, W. Oliver, T. Bateman, A. Jackson, E. Turner, C. Dettman, G. Kingston, A. Jackson, G. Hine, J.A. Gale, W. Webster, H. Alsson, Mr Low of NSFU. There appears to have been only two presidents during this period, Mr F. Ward, and Mr J.E. Turner.

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