Vicar's book

Scope and Content

Gresford vicar's book Vol 1,

Contents include various subjects, among them:

Photographs of Gresford church throughout both volumesPrints, paintings and drawing of Gresford church and its environs. pp. 3a, 18a, 19a, 20a, 22a-3a, 62a-3a

Census population statistics, 1831-1901. pp. 1, 37

Almshouses. pp. 4a-6a

Photographs of Gresford pp. 5a, 6a-24, 52a, 54a, 67a, 160

Schools and schoolrooms pp. 7, 35-6a, 68-70a, 154-6

Transcript extracts from Greater Domesday, pp. 7a-8

Gresford charities. pp. 8a-18, 71-3, 79

Bridges p.11a

Yew trees p.22

Vicarage. p.24-5

Waterworks. pp.26a-7, 272

Rossett. pp.27a-34a.

Rushbearing. p.54

Gwersyllt township. pp.55-62a.

Gresford cemetery. pp.77a-8a.

Restoration and repairs to church. pp.80a-1, 84a-5, 161-88, 197-214.

Medieval carving found under church floor. pp. 81a-3.

War memorial. pp.101-8

Llay township. pp.111-49

Gresford Ladies Club. pp.215-20

Gresford bells. pp. 254-60

Llay Main Colliery. pp. 267-8