Allardyce, Governor of the Falkland Islands

Scope and Content

  • MS 240/1-2;CC Typescript copies of dispatches relating to the administration of the Falkland Islands Dependencies and sealing in the Islands, from Allardyce [governor of the islands]to the Secretary of State for the Colonies, January 1908 to April 1915. 2 volumes, typescript (volume 1. 1908 to 1911, volume 2. 1912 - 1915)
  • MS 1212/10/1-3;D Letters (3) of congratulations received following the completion of the Falkland Islands wireless station, 1912. 5 leaves typed copies and Xerox
  • MS 1212/5/1-3;D Correspondence, (3 letters) with Lewis Harcourt (Secretary of State for the Colonies) 1912 - 1913 1. Allardyce to Harcourt, 19 September 1912 [Regrets that Harcourt failed to mention Falkland Islands during a speech in the House of Commons. Summarises his achievements as Governor] 2. Harcourt to Allardyce, 28 October 1912 [Reply} 3. Harcourt to Allardyce, 15 May 1913 [Thanks for a shipment of Gentoo Penguins] 4 leaves, typed copy
  • MS 1212/3/1-3;D Correspondence, (3 letters) with James Bryce, 1912 to 1913 [Bryce to Allardyce, British Embassy, Washington, U.S.A. 24 September 1912. Enquires about possibility of developing sealing industry in the Falkland Islands. Advice on extraction of potash from seaweed. Allardyce to Bryce, Government House, Falkland Islands, 26 November 1912. Reply with account of the wreck of RMS. Oravia. Bryce to Allardyce, British Embassy, Washington, U.S.A. 13 January 1913. Reply] 8 leaves, holograph and typescript (Xerox)
  • MS 1212/7/1-20;D Correspondence, (15 letters, 4 telegrams and 1 notice) concerning the loss of RMS. Oraviaoff the Falkland Islands, 12 November 1912 [Correspondence, 15 November 1912 to 11 August 1913, with the master and crew of the ship, the Pacific Steam Navigation Company and others] 23 leaves, typed copies
  • MS 1212/6/1-4;D Correspondence, (3 letters) with Theodore Roosevelt, 1913 and letters concerning the disposal of the correspondence. 1. Allardyce to Roosevelt, 17 February 1913 [Asks for assistance in obtaining portraits of early American sealers in the Antarctic] 2. Roosevelt to Allardyce, 2 April 1912 [Reply, will try to help] 3. Allardyce to Roosevelt, 8 June 1913 [Reply with thanks for interest] 4 leaves, typed copies.
  • MS 867;D Original carbon copy, initialled by Allardyce, of his official report on the Battle of the Falkland Islands to the Secretary of State for the Colonies, 10 December 1914. 2 leaves, typescript
  • MS 1212/1/1-11;D Correspondence, (11 letters) with Sir John Anderson (Permanent under-secretary of State for the Colonies), 5 August 1911 to 15 April 1913 [Mainly letters from Allardyce on Falkland Island affairs (economic and social) whaling in Islands and Dependencies and personal matters] 19 leaves, typed copies (Xerox)
  • MS 1212/2/1-2;D Correspondence, (2 letters) with Kenneth S Anderson, 1914 [Tells Anderson of fire on board the New Zealand Shipping Company's steamer Waimate and of his own assistance to the crew on their arrival in the Falkland Islands, 7 June 1914 Anderson's reply congratulating Allardyce on his energy, resourcefulness and hospitality ] 3 leaves, typed copies (Xerox)
  • MS 1212/4/1-5;D Correspondence, (5 letters) with the Falkland Islands Museum, 28 December 914 to 1 March 1915 [Concerning Allardyce's gifts to the museum] 12 leaves, typescript (Xerox)
  • MS 367/7/1;D Letter to the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies, 9 March 1914 1 page, typescript
  • MS 1212/11;D Falkland notes, August to December 1914 [Activities on the Falkland Islands and their critical situation during the early months of the First World War. Includes a short account of the Battle of the Falklands, December 1914] 15 leaves, typescript (Xerox)
  • MS 1212/12;D A Visit to the Eastern Falkland Islands [Historical notes on the islands, 1502 - 1831] 2 copies 16 leaves and 12 leaves typescript (Xerox)

Administrative / Biographical History

Papers arising from Allardyce's position as Governor of the Falkland Islands.